Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Materials to be used in Cinema houses, Multiplex and Autorium under

Twiga Acoustic Board and Glasswool

TwigaInsul is selected by nine out of ten sound spaces for its superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties. TwigaInsul is available in a wide range of densities, thicknesses, lengths and aesthetics.

Insul having density of 16 kg/m3 to 32 kg/m3 rolls / 40 kg/m3 to 64 kg/m3 boards can be used with either black glass tissue, white fiber glass tissue or black glass cloth facings and for ceiling, Insul Boards / Tiles with a density of 100 kg/m3 can be used to improve acoustics apart from being fire safe and easy to install.

We recommend following glasswool as per dimension of the theater,

  • 48 Kg/M3 Fiberglass of 50 mm thickness in Board Form
  • 48 Kg/M3 Fiberglass of 50 mm thickness in Roll Form
  • 24 Kg/M3 Fiberglass of 50 mm thickness in Roll Form

Woodwool Insulation Board

We supply natural panels are extensively used material in roof insulation, false ceiling, wall panelling, partitions, flooring both for thermal as well as acoustic insulation. The raw materials wood fibers and magnetise gives off white colour to natural panels, although they can be spray painted with other colours as well. Our natural panels are available in 5 densities & 10 thickness from 6 mm, which is the thinnest wood wool insulation slab.

We recommend Woodwool size will be 15mm, 20mm and 25mm as per theater.


Perforated Wooden Acoustic Tiles

Background Wooden Slats

Polyster Acoustic Products

ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS Range of 100 % polyester acoustic insulation products for ceiling, walls and floors.

Acoustic polyester wadding is thermally bonded insulation Materials manufactured from polyester fibre.

Features and Benefits

1. Polyester Wadding will not settle or reduce its performance over time(50Years durability Warranty) and is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew, and is naturally resistance to insect and vermin attack.

2. Polyester Acoustic products are completely safe and user-friendly so no protective clothing is required to handle or install the product.

3. Polyester Acoustic Products contains 45-85 % previously recycled polyester fibre ( from PET Plastic ) and is reusable and recyclable at end of life – supporting the philosophies of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

Polyester Acoustic Wadding

Thermal Bonded Polyester used for Acoustic Application.we have the following Sizes,

1. 500 Gsm - 50 mm Thickness
2. 500 Gsm - 25 mm Thickness
3. 1000 Gsm - 50 mm Thickness
4. 1000 Gsm - 25 mm Thickness

Acoustic Panels

Underduct Roof Lining


Diffusion is a great way to retain some “live” feel in a room while helping to randomly scatter mid to high frequencies. While Diffusion is an important piece of acoustical treatment, make sure to complete your treatment plan by also including our Absorption, Bass Trapping, and ISO Series® Isolation products in order to maximize the effectiveness of your total treatment system.


Acoustic Framing Acessories


As per customer requirement we supply wall, flooring Indian and Imported carpet based on 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm.

Acoustic Framing Accessories

Drywall Frame

Omega Ceiling Frame

C-Steel Channel

Casette Keel Ceiling

T-Bar Ceiling

Pipe and Square Steel